Just a little care to do beautiful Rei and Seiza

Kyudo, How to Rei, How to Seiza, material art of Reigisaho howto

How to Rei and Seiza

The beauty of Rei and Seiza calms you and everyone who sees them.

If Rei and Seiza can do it beautifully, they will be remembered by many people even if they don’t hit the Mato.

Seiza does not have to be done if you are injured or otherwise unable to do so.

First, please watch the video.

Video explanation about Rei and Seiza

The key to doing Seiza and Rei beautifully.

How to Seiza of Kyudo

This is Seiza.
Straighten your back.
The key is to focus on your abdominal muscles.

For more information on the process of becoming seated, please see this article.

How to Kiza.

I explain that how to do beautiful Rei.

How to do Rei of Kyudo. Kyudo, Reigisaho

Move your hands forward at the same time as you move your body forward.
The timing of the hand movement is the same as the shoulder movement.

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Keep your back straight and don’t just lower your head.

Kyudo Rei, Kyudo taihai, Kyudo reigisaho, kyudo saho

This state is Rei.

It is important to bend from the waist instead of lowering your head.

If you are too big to bend at the waist like this.

kyudo Rei and Seize, Kyudo taihai, kyudo lesson

Roll over with your knees slightly extended and your hips raised.