Kyudo Shahohassetsu

About Syahohassetsu, the basic movement of kyudo

Kyudo is not just about hitting a mato with an arrow; it is also about beautifully executing certain gestures.

The basic posture of kyudo, the toriyumi posture.

This is the basic posture when holding the bow and arrow.
When this posture is beautiful, it is graceful and attracts people.
On the other hand, if it is sloppy, it is very disgraceful.

It takes muscle strength to maintain this toriyumi posture.
Here is the training method.

Ashibumi way.

Kyudo is Ashibumi, a gesture performed to stabilize the lower body, which is the foundation for drawing the bow.
This too, when done beautifully, is breathtakingly beautiful.

This one also explains how to change the orientation.
The key is to move with your breathing.

How to draw the bow.

This is the movement when drawing the bow.
This action is as important as hitting the Mato.
Here is how to do it without a bow, using a rubber.

Once you are able to do this roughly, use a paper tube instead of a bow.
The key is to push the paper tube instead of holding it.

The next step is to add one rubber band to take the place of the arrow.
The key is to make sure the arrow is in the same position as the mouth.