Just a little care to do beautiful Rei and Seiza

Seiza and Rei are unique to Japanese culture. This video explains how to do it and the points of beauty. The appeal of Kyudo lies not only in hitting the Mato, but also in its beautiful manners.

How to wear Kimono for Kyudo

I want to do Kyudo in a kimono, but I don't know what kind to choose. I don't know how to wear a kimono. Here is an explanation with a video. Take a look if you want to do Kyudo with a kimono, please.

How to use the Kake correctly

Kyudo lessons for beginners. On this page you will find a video on the correct use of the Kake in Japanese Kyudo. It also explains how to draw the bow for correct use.

Kyudo lesson about nice way to sit. Explaining the Movement of the Feet in Hakama

You can't see the footwork of Kyudo because it is hidden by the hakama. In addition, there are few female instructors. If you want to get better at "Ashisabaki" but have no way of knowing how to do it. Here is a video for you. Please watch this and practice. Incidentally, footwork says Ashisabaki in Kyudo. I put on jersey and did the Ashisabaki. Please watch this youtube.

For those who want to play Kyudo in a kimono

I like Kyudo, but I also like Kimono. For those who do, this video explains what you need to do when doing Kyudo in a kimono.

How to attach the Kake of Kyudo.

This time theme is how to attach the Kake.What is "Kake"?It is be worn on the right hand when drawing the Yumi."Kake" is...