Lesson plan

Case : I go to you. (Now aborted)

I teach Kyudo. Rewards tell us about your country’s culture and food.
To be specific.

・Transportation costs
・Hotel expenses
・Take we to the restaurant you often go to. Feast on your favorite dishes.
・Please attend a place that you recommend to me.



Case : Online private lessons(Version from home)

This will be done from home, not from the Kyudojo.


Basic action of Kyudo 

A lesson in “Syahohassetsu” using a rubber tube.

Lessons like this one on YouTube.

This lesson is for those who do not have a Yumi.
Of course, if you have a bow, you can take a lesson with it.

Japanese archery Kyudo easy way to Hikiwake practice | Miyako's Kyudo |

Kimono dressing lessons

This is a lesson on how to wear a kimono to draw a bow.

Lessons on how to wear a kimono and how to Tashukisabaki.

I’ll also lecture you on what you can’t see on this YouTube.

Japanese archery Kyudo Tasukisabaki | Miyako's Kyudo |

A lesson in etiquette of Kyudo

Etiquette is the Japanese word for “Reigisaho”.

Standing, bowing, walking and sitting in Kyudo.

You will move beautifully and your everyday behaviour will be beautiful.
Beautiful movement is as fascinating as wearing nice clothes.

Japanese archery Kyudo how to beautiful Kiza | Miyako's Kyudo |