Kyudo lesson about nice way to sit. Explaining the Movement of the Feet in Hakama

Kyudo footwork explained

You can’t see the footwork of Kyudo’s Kiza because it is hidden by the hakama.
In addition, there are few female instructors.

I put on jersey and did the Kiza.

Please watch this youtube.

Explaining about way to the Kiza.

From here on, I will explain with pictures.


First, stand with your back straight.

Keep the soles of your feet on the ground.
Half feet back with right foot.

Put pressure on the front of the thighs and slowly lower the hips so that not leaning forward.

Eyes straight ahead.

Hands on the tops of the thighs.


It’s hard, but I’m not going to lose my posture.

Place only your right knee on the ground.
The left knee should be slightly elevated.


Place your left knee on the ground.


Extend the toes of the right foot.


Next, extend your left leg and do the Seiza.

When you sit beautifully, it’s all but irresistible.


How to stand up from a sitting position

Next is how to stand beautifully.

Raise your hip about 15 cm.

Keep your upper body straight up.


Tuck your left toes under.


Next, right same too.


Raise your left knee slightly.

This is the very important part.
The video explains it in detail.


Raise your hips in reaction to your left knee touching the floor.


Get into a standing knee position.


Place the sole of your left foot on the ground.

It is beautiful to not move anything but your feet.


Stand up straight.


Center of gravity slightly to the left foot.


Align your right foot with your left foot.
At this point, it is important to move the right foot off the ground.


This is the Kiza way.

Please behave in a beautiful way.

Thank you.