How to wear Kimono for Kyudo

How to wear Kimono. Kimono lesson, select Kimono howto

Explanation of how to wear a kimono

Kimono is a Japanese garment.
Kimono is very beautiful, but it is very difficult to wear.
Learn how to wear a simple kimono and how to choose one.

This is a video about how to wear a kimono.

How to Choose a Kimono

Choose a kimono that is a little longer than you are tall.
The reason is that if you choose a kimono that is the same length as your height, the sleeves will be shorter.

How to sellect Kimono.


In the videos, I will explain how to wear it with the hem lifted.

Be careful with short sleeves, as they are not cool.

Some people cut their kimono when it is too long.
If you cut it, the cotton inside will come out.
Do not cut it, please.